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Export as Single Document


I’m nearing completion of my first novel written in A/S, and I tried out the Export as Single Document functionality. It’s pretty basic. No page breaks between scenes and no scene titles in a bold font. Finding the positions of chapter breaks and inserting them manually is a pain, especially considering the data is available for export. I concede that not everyone will need this, but I could really use them. Can export options for these be added?


The export is very basic right now — no functionality beyond creating a single document with all content as-is. It’s on the plan to expand this to include optional page breaks (no time frame on this though), but it won’t be expanded much beyond that.

Issues such as font and paragraph settings will be left as they are. End formatted is not a job Atomic Scribbler will carry out — that’s for a meatier word processor or tool when you get to the final editing / publishing stage.