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Error open project

I try to open my project at another computer.
And i have error:
The project database cannot be accesed.

Version of SmartEdit Writer - 9.0 at computer №1, and 9.0 at computer №2.

Скриншот 14-04-2021 172017

You haven’t copied a complete project from one PC to the other. You’ve probably only copied one file. A project is a folder of files.

Read this section of the Knowledge Base for a detailed explanation of how projects can be shared across PCs.

I have a directory that contains projects, it is synchronized between two computers. Both computers have the same files. And on one computer, the project opens, but on the other, it does not.

Fixed. My .atomic folder didn’t sync.

Good to know, but do read that Knowledge Base article in its entirety, as two projects not syncing correctly, whether via cloud storage or other auto-syncing software is a sure-fired way to corrupt your projects to state you can’t recover from.