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Entire projects have disappeared - please help

Hi, when I open Atomic Scribbler I normally open it to see the Recently Opened Projects dialogue box where I can click to open my current projects. Today I opened Atomic Scribbler and there are no recently open projects at all. They’re all gone.

I checked my Documents > Atomic Scribbler folder and there are folders for older projects, but my two latest projects are completely gone. They were the only two projects I was working on actively.

I have no idea what’s happened. I backed up most of my work but I did not back up anything in Fragments and I had a huge amount of research and outlining in there that is really precious to me.

Would really appreciate some help with this.

EDIT: I have located the project files in my Documents > Atomic Scribbler folder under different folder names (the old project names I used). I don’t know why they weren’t showing up in the Recently Opened dialogue box but this really freaked me out for a while.

When you rename a project, the folder it’s contained in is not renamed. This folder name remains the same throughout the life of the project unless you manually change it in Windows Explorer. As long as you don’t change the default project location from Documents/SmartEdit Writer, all of your projects will be there, even if they sometimes do not appear in the Project Manager dialog.

It sounds like something corrupted the file that contains your recent project list. This can be a bit unnerving, but doesn’t affect your actual projects. The Project Manager is simple a list of links to projects - it doesn’t contain or work with the content of those projects.