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Enter bug in new documents only

I’m having this strange problem that the formatting in my scenes and notes seems to be totally wrecked.

Whenever I hit enter more than once or twice in a new scene it acts like a shift+enter. The first enter on a page also act strange by being a double enter and not a single one.

Pre existing scenes from before updating to version 9 seem to be unaffected. I tried going back to my older version of smartedit writer but the problem then persists (using the unchanged copy of the backup I didn’t open in version 9). Updating to version 9 again also did not fix the problem.

Would love a fix because this is making the program unusable currently.

it feels important to mention that if I type a single line and select it, then the blue selection field goes all the way down the page well onto the second page.

Take a look at the default paragraph settings for new scenes. Settings dialog | Scene defaults | Paragraph button. What you’re describing looks like an issue of some kind with the defaults for new scenes – maybe the spacing after a new paragraph is incorrect in some way.

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It turned out to be something similar to this, but the line spacing instead!

I’m baffled how it happened to all my projects, new and old, after reinstalling on a fresh computer, but I’m glad it’s solved.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

The defaults are app wide settings, not project specific settings, so an error or corruption here would affect all projects you open. Glad you got that sorted.

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