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Duplicate Project

I need to make a copy of a project.

If I copy the entire project folder, will that do it? Should I rename the folder after copying it to what I want the new project to be titled?

Will SEW be confused by two folders that have the same content?

I have a big project I need to split so I thought the easiest way would be to copy it, then delete the items I don’t need from the copies.

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Copying the entire project folder is the way to go. After doing this, rename the folder to a more meaningful and unique name and double click the atomic.scribbler file inside it ti open the project. Once open, rename the project in the Document tree to your new name.

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Thanks. Split the project into 3 different files.
Selecting multiple scenes for deletion would be helpful. :slight_smile:
I ended up creating a folder, dragging scenes into it, then deleting the folder. that was a lot faster.

This project grew way too large. I should have done this initially, but didn’t anticipate it getting that large.

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