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Dropbox / coming from Scrivener

I am migrating from Scrivener. I understand about an SEW project having multiple folders, just like Scrivener does. I’ve seen all the warnings about not opening a SmartEdit project from inside a Dropbox folder (and read all the posts here) and just want to clarify - Is there something different about the project folders in SEW that makes opening it from inside a Dropbox folder more risky than opening a Scrivener project from inside a Dropbox folder, or has it never been a good idea to do it with Scrivener, either?

(not questioning the wisdom - I just have a obsessive need to understand things completely)


Scrivener — I think — is coding directly against dropbox, at least when it comes to backups. That’s why they say they support dropbox, but not OneDrive or iCloud or Google Drive.

With SmartEdit Writer, all the connections in your project (scene names, hierarchies, bookmarks, etc.) are stored in a small project specific database. If that database is out of sync with the rest of your project, your project is then corrupted and cannot be fixed (not by a user that isn’t me anyway). It can get out of sync if you make even a tiny mistake using Dropbox: a partial update followed by opening on a second PC for example.

Scrivener — again I’m partially guessing here — doesn’t have a central database per project. It has some XML files that could be manually altered to correct a mistake like this.