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Document Tree Behavior

Disclaimer: Day two of using SmartEdit Writer and coming across behaviors that could be better. Meaning, I haven’t explored the config settings to see if there is something to be done.

The Document Tree: after importing a data folder of a Scrivener project, I now have hundreds of folders in the tree, many with no contents.

Request two things (so far): Multi-select for deletion, and scroll-stay-in-place after deletion.

Currently, one must select the one folder, delete, agree to deletion. The selection highlight then lands on the folder (or item) prior to what was just deleted. I expected the highlight selection to be on the following folder (or item) for possible deletion - as I have already moved past what I did not want to delete.

Having scrolled the Document Tree to bring a range of folders into view, currently when deleting a folder, the tree view resets so that the top of the tree is in view. I expect the scroll to stay in place as I delete massive amounts of folders.

Thank you.

Well, for some reason or condition, the scroll-stay-in-place after deletion has all of a sudden started to work somewhat better. The folder that acquired the highlight after a deletion now is at the top of the tree pane (where, before, the top of the tree was at the top of the pane).

Request thing number three: As I am dragging a folder down the Document Tree, with an intended target location currently out of view (below the bottom of the pane), currently I need to drop the folder being dragged at some mid-point, scroll the pane, and resume dragging to the target. I expected the tree in the pane to automatically scroll up|down when the dragged object hovered over the pane’s bottom|top border.

Thank you.

Edit: Now the pane is scrolling! Does this program figure out how to do what you want as you use it?!

I guess, this wonderful program has an embedded mind reader! :wink:

Much as I’d like to lay claim to a super sophisticated AI at the heart of SmartEdit Writer, the changing behaviour is not deliberate. It may have been caused by restarting the app halfway through your work and allowing the tree to reload, or it might have been something to do with the volume of folders and scenes (if you imported a very large number). As the volume reduced, it may have influenced behavior.

The delete behaviour you mentioned - selecting the previous folder instead of the next folder - I remember there was a reason for doing it this way when I built that part of the app 4 years ago, but I can’t remember what it was now. I’ll have to dig a little deeper and see if I can work out why it was done that way.