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Document Blanking Bug confirmed

Okay, this is an issue I had before where the open and active scene would be blank when reopened - and it has happened again. Thanks to a sudden loss of power, everything in the currently selected scene was wiped. It’s just blanked. Backups saved it - thankfully - though it took me a long time to find the file. However, this is incredibly worrying as a bug - the only way it could be worse is if it blanked multiple files. I could maybe have something to do with the save feature and power loss occurring at the same time as I habitually press ctrl+s a lot - though I don’t know if this software uses that shortcut.

By the way, have you considered a backup restore feature? Or a way to view documents by scene name when browsing the folder?

If I remember right, you had power failure issues before that were triggering something similar. What’s your local PC situation regarding power? Is it a desktop PC with no power source of its own?

It’s a Windows 10 laptop. It’s actually a new computer and a different one to the one I had before. The computer didn’t warn me about the low battery for whatever reason and just shut off at 0%. There isn’t much else I can tell you, sorry. If you want to replicate it, I’d suggest bringing up a page full of stuff and pressing save a lot while pulling the plug

It turns out I’ve lost everything I did on that day, and it was a hugely productive day where I solved a lot of issues holding back my story.

I’m sorry, but I’m thinking of quitting your software over this. Neither backup system caught what I wrote. If the software makes me think my work is safe, then vaporises a whole day’s worth in one go, it’s actively sabotaging me. It has taken me about five hours just to partially reassemble what I had. That’s not even writing anything; that’s just finding the parts I was copying from other saved files.

You seem to be having a lot of problems with power outages on your PC. I remember this from the last time you had issues and they were caused by the same kind of thing — power failures or batteries not installed on your lap top, etc.

The bottom line is, power outages should be extremely rare occurrences for you and for anyone. Those rare occurrences are handled to some degree by disaster recovery measures in the software — as in, you don’t lose everything. They are not meant to be day to day features of the software in regular use.

If power outages and shutdowns are not rare occurrences for you, then you need to look at the root cause of that rather than focus on the scope of disaster recovery measures in software such as SmartEdit Writer.

Most software will have data loss when you have a power outage. Most software will have some inbuilt recovery method for an extreme eventuality like this, but those recovery methods are rarely straight forwards and you are likely always to lose some data as a result — in your case a few hours work.

That’s not going to change. The measures already in place in SmartEdit Writer are sufficient for most users, possibly because most users do not have your power issues and problems.

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I understand your point - but I lost a hell of a lot, and the only backup I had was the one from the previous session. I am glad for that much - but I’m still fighting to redo dry what I wrote in a day of huge inspiration. The alternative backups didn’t catch anything at all, and I’m confused by that. I assumed they were meant to save work throughout the session in a way that could not be blanked out, but I can’t find anything from that day in there.

I thought I was looking in the wrong file, and I still hope so. I’d love nothing more than to find the key parts of the chapter I wrote. Reading your link, however, I can see that is unlikely. As is, the alternative backups don’t trigger unless you shut down the software. That means this system is very vunerable to any kind of power outage. It will only back up if it doesn’t crash!

I do know my power issues are odd, but they are with different laptops. This one has an integrated battery. It just didn’t tell me it was dead.

I’m going to have to think about what to do as I can’t afford to have this keep happening.

Hi Blackmoore,
There is always the good old habit to hit the well known CTRL-S from time to time, to save what your wrote. As an alternative, if you prefer a mouse over shortcuts, click on the small ‘floppy’ icon at the upper right corner. It changes from blue to B&W when you click on it, saving your current content.

It always works and lost content – in case of a crash – is just the stuff you wrote since your last ‘floppy’ click or Ctrl-S action. No easier way to save your writing and be in control of it.
In the olden day (a.k.a. less fancy techno world) we went this manual route as standard routine every 10 to 15 min or so. Some writers or coders learned to do it the hard way. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip, but I’m afraid that won’t help. The document gets blanked even if it erases work from previous saves. It’s not that nothing saves - rather, everything gets erased.

If the safeguard were to save every half hour to a new file, this would be less of a worry.

The fail-safe backups do not backup as you type. They’re a final measure that backs up as you close so that you never lose more than a single sitting’s work — even if you had not set up the standard automatic backups.

This is the extent of the backup features in SmartEdit Writer. They don’t and never will create backups during a writing session. Word does have a feature that backs up as you work, in the form of .asd or.bak files, but it doesn’t (as far as I know) have a full backup feature when you close a document.

As SmartEdit Writer saves each scene as a single file, any possibility of data loss during a power outage is restricted to the single scene you’re working on, not to the project as a whole. This is the
mechanism in place now and I won’t be looking at extending it at this time.

I really think you need to look at the issues on your PC to prevent something similar happening again. Ensure that you don’t allow your PC to run out of power, and ensure that the Windows features that warn you of that are in place and working.

I see. I do wonder why you don’t like the idea of making the text dump happen every half hour. I’m going to look into 9ther software, but if I do have to continue with yours, I’ll be using the manual backup button more and restricting scene size to actual scenes instead of chapters.

This is the first time the power warnings haven’t come up, but I’ll look into that stuff too.