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Display/formatting not showing words

I created a new project and the page format is severely altered, to the point that I can’t see the words i write or the blnking “|” that indicates where im writing. Tried opening other projects and the text isn’t visible, but the word counter shows the usual words. The scroll bars are bugged and when i tried to navigate I found the “|” bar as a giant white blinkig rectangle, and no words show when I write. It seems as if its zoomed in, but the zoom buttons don’t seem to work. Already tried restarting and reinstalling and nothing changes. Does anyone know what is happening? Thanks in advance!

The zoom is probably way out if proportion.

Close SmartEdit Writer if it’s open, then go to your “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Atomic Scribbler” folder and delete the file called “settings” or “settings.dat”.

See if that fixes the problem.

It worked! Thanks for the help