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Display error when opening many scenes

I’m not sure if this has been reported elsewhere because I’m not sure what to search for, but I’ve run into an error a few times in the last couple of days. I’m moving a lot of files back and forth from fragments and opening a lot of scenes in quick succession to fix a formatting issue across a project that has ~250k words. After I get so many scenes open, I will click another and instead of displaying the text, it will display a blank white page (I’m in dark theme) or a white page with a red x running from corner to corner on the display. From that point on, every scene I open looks the same.

The first time this happened, I thought I’d lost data, but closing and restarting the program fixes the issue, so it seems to be a display problem. Happens less often when I remember to close scenes as I go. Maybe running into a limitation?

Send me a copy of the log file for a day when the problem occurs.

Also, how many scenes do you have open when you encounter the problem?

I’m encountering a similar display problem when pasting text. Rare, but frightening, as a small insert into a Scene suddenly blanks the text pane and it looks like all is lost. A quick Ctrl-Z seems to always restore the pre-paste condition. Since I couldn’t reproduce it reliably, I haven’t tried to report it. But I’ll keep an eye on this.

There is also a condition where the onscreen rewrapping of text in the editing pane gets screwed up and all the spacing becomes too large, line spacing and character spacing. Changing the size of the pane instantly fixes it, but if that’s not done, the cursor position is handled incorrectly and edits appear in the wrong places. Again, I haven’t been able to reproduce it …

version 8.4

Is this since the last release Allen or has the problem been around longer?

I believe both behaviors occurred before the latest update. I recall seeing the line-wrapping / spacing weirdness several versions back, but it is very rare. I think it might happen only after extensive text rearrangement of a fairly long Scene. The black (or white) blank paste oddity is less rare, but I don’t recall when I first experienced it.