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Deletion of scenes

I’ve always wondered why when I delete a scene that it remains in the Document folder. This is a deletion, not a move to Fragments. Once the scene is deleted, there is no way to ‘see’ it other than to look in the Documents folder.
Is there a way to clean up the project by removing these ‘deleted’ scenes? They do take up space. I know the project database must keep track of the numbers, so I don’t want to use a file explorer to delete files.

I have been in the practice of creating the scenes, and then copying them into a Chapter scene. Once copied, I delete the scene. This leaves the scene document file orphaned in the project. Sometimes there are 50-100 scenes documents that could be removed.

Is there a better way?


Scene deletion is a soft delete at this time: as in, the underlying scene is not deleted. The reason for this is there was always the intention of adding a Trash folder where deleted scenes were sent, allowing the user to recover deleted files or flush everything from Trash in a permanent delete.

This functionality is common in similar apps. However, after 2 and some years, no user has ever even hinted at a desire for a Trash folder, so it hasn’t been implemented. I won’t be enforcing a hard delete unless I write this option completely off the development plan.

I don’t think I would need a trash folder and associated functionality, but it would be helpful now and then if you could provide a simple garbage collection function, perhaps in the Settings dialog. I have seen some heavily edited documents get much larger than they deserve, and in some circumstances that could become a problem.


Good suggestion Allen. The lack of interest in a trash bin means it probably won’t be implemented any time soon. A quick way of flushing/ tidying up the old files would help.

Thanks. I know I’d use it periodically, especially with heavily edited projects.

Being a newbie to SmartEdit I’m just getting to grips with what it can do and its functions but having just discovered reading this thread that deleted scenes are soft deleted then I’d tip my hat for a trash bin or garbage collection function. It’s no big deal to go into the folder and delete the files manually though so it’s not a feature I’d put at the top of my wishlist :slight_smile:

It can be difficult to identify which scenes are orphaned, based on file names. Dates don’t work, since some scenes may be old and current, while others are recent and orphaned. Unless you have come up with a method for that?

I don’t see why anyone would want a hard delete for any scene. I’ll be okay with another form of removing scenes other than fragments.


The only reason for wanting to hard-delete scenes is when a document gets large or complex through extensive scene creation and deletion. Then there is a never-ending accumulation of deleted scenes that cannot be accessed, but which make the document grow larger and larger. It’s a matter of work-flow and disc space, mainly. If a writer really thrashes a document with scores of scenes, replacing them again and again as the work progresses, none of the deleted scenes may be of any interest to him, but they cannot be removed from the project – even though they also cannot be displayed within SEW. So they take up space, invisibly, and make backups bigger and slower to create or copy.