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Default paragraph styling


Generally I wouldn’t do much formatting in A.S. I just paste text in there unformatted, or type it in.

On thing I would like though is the ability to set a default paragraph spacing. Maybe it’s there and I’ve missed it?

I want space after each paragraph, so currently I go a scene at a time. Select the text and click the paragraph icon to add space after.

Is there a way to set that for every scene so it’s just automatically applied?

Also, is it possible to assign Ctrl Shift V to Paste Unformatted? There is an icon for this, but most other programs I use allow you to use that keyboard command. I’m not a fan of multi-key commands, but that one has proved to be useful. :slight_smile:


You can set up default paragraph settings for new scenes and notes from the Settings dialog. More about that towards the bottom of this page:

We haven’t connected the Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut to paste, but it’s a good suggestion.