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Dark Theme and Tables [Request]

Using the Dark Theme; when adding a table both the borders and table content text is black. Could this be fixed to work like normal text entries where text displays white or whitish without actually changing the font or line color, please?

Hi Poly,
There is already an extended forum report available about it. Can you please scroll down the list and open the issue " [Font color problem]"? You will find all the info over there.


Hans, thanks for your reply and pointing me to that thread. I have actually read that before. Note I don’t have that same issue. The text on my page displays white as it should, so all good there. However, if you add a table, the table outlines and the text within is black.

Maybe I didn’t understand something in the thread you pointed me to?

It’s a similar issue to the one Hans linked to, but the workaround outlined does not work in this case. There are a few glitches with the dark theme at present.