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Daily word count time zone issue

Hi. I’m new to the forum but have been using your writer’s software since PageFour. I really like the new daily word count feature, but I’m having a bit of an issue. I gather from reading other posts that the time zone/time stamp is a fixed parameter:

"The heart of the problem is that the date is stored as UTC time (+7 hours from Pacific tome) and then converted back to local time on display. "

Is there any way to change this fixed value? I’m in EST and tend to write in the evenings, so I end up with my daily count split over two calendar days in the reports. (For example, last night I wrote 1300 words from 8pm to 11:30pm and the count is split ~980 for 12/10 and 320 for 12/11 even though I haven’t written anything today.) That makes the reports and tracking kind of useless for things like figuring out trends over time.

I hadn’t realised there was still a problem with the daily work counts – I thought they’d all been fixed some time ago. It’s an underused feature of SmartEdit Writer – probably why this problem hasn’t been raised before.

I’ll look into it and see what’s involved in fixing it.

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I can’t duplicate this issue. The word count dates were changed from UTC to local dates back in 2018, so as long as you’re using the latest version you shouldn’t be having this particular problem.

Are you seeing incorrect dates and word counts in the SmartEdit UI or on the web page for the monthly stats?.

I am using the latest edition. I was seeing incorrect dates for a while (double checked the system date/times and they were correct), but I reinstalled and the problem seems to have been fixed.