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Daily Word Count Date


Thanks for the feature of counting your words daily for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s just mine, but the date is always yesterday’s date that is recording today’s updates. Is there a way to correct this?


You’ll notice bottom right hand side shows 7/22, where the daily word count shows 7/21


The word count is performed when a project closes or when you click the refresh button. This is why when you open a project the most likely last day a count was made will be yesterday.


I close the project, and reopen, type a word, and it gives me a previous day. So you’re saying that it’s giving me correct date? How do i get current day. I guess I’m not following.


You won’t see an entry for the current day until after you close the project and re-open. So, say you open your project for the first time today and type 500 words, you won’t see an entry for today while you type those words.

Today’s entry will only be made when you close the project. You’ll see it tomorrow, or if you re-open the same project later in the day.

The daily word count is not a running word count total as you type, it’s a historic record – of what you typed in the past.


Ah, alright. Got it thanks.