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Custom font support?

I tried to search the forums, and it seems like there isn’t a topic for this. Please pardon me if there has been. I have been using SmartEdit Writer and really loving it, however I cannot figure out how to add fonts, and it seems like it may just be impossible. I would like to request that this feature be added, or at the very least, that Atkinson Hyperlegible be added to the list of current fonts. It’s free from Google Fonts, and is a low vision font that would benefit many people. It’s my preferred font to work in, thank you!

You don’t install fonts into SmartEdit Writer – all you need is to have the font installed on Windows. If it’s correctly installed on your PC it will appear in the drop down list of fonts. I’ve just done this with the font you mentioned and it appeared and works fine in the word processor.

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How wonderful! thank you so much for letting me know