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Ctrl-Shift for New Page doesn't export to DOCX


First, THANK YOU Darren. I finished my first book and will have it up on Amazon before the end of this month. A LOT of the reason I kicked myself past the goal-line was AS/SE. So much appreciation.

LUCKILY it was a short book. When I exported it to DOCX, it lost all the new page starts I had put in with Ctrl-Shift while inputting the text. Not a huge thing, I went through and re-did the operation in LibreOffice Writer.

But here’s the thing, the next book is a re-edited and added-to compilation of previous writings and it’s got 30 sub-chapters in 11 main chapters, plus one other chapter with 33 sub-chapters. And that’s before I start. I’m looking at more than 350 chapters by any definition as is. So, I’d prefer not to re-do the action. I KNOW I can treat EACH sub-chapter as a chapter, but that would leave a lot of chapter heads as just a number, i.e. 2018-22. I’m HOPING to avoid that. I’d prefer to just have 2018 and then write it all out, hitting Ctrl-Shift every time I’m ready for the new sub-section. I’ve tried that in writing already and it ‘feels’ right.

THE OTHER ISSUE, as I played with the export was that graphics seems to be a bit of an issue. I cut out all the graphics save for the cover in the just completed little book. But my first test examples saw some of the graphics I had, not making the transition and instead being replaced with graphic icon place-holders. I’m working in Win7. I’m already grey-scaling the graphics as is and working on a max width of 150 pixels. That has helped. But I’m hoping I don’t throw a LOT of work into this next project and then find out I would have been better off doing it in something not so focused on just text input. Suggestions?


That shortcut doesn’t exist in Atomic, as you found out. I’m planning to expand the Export functionality down the road, in a small way. One of the additions will be options to add a page break after each chapter or scene — not sure if that would be workable for you or not.

The graphics issue you noticed sounds like a bug, as any image in a scene in your Document tree should be carried across as is to the single document after export. I’ll have to do some research on this and see what’s going on.


Ummm, not to sound contrary to my own earlier missive, I SHOULD have said Ctrl-Enter for a pagebreak. New pain meds. Not a good mix when typing. Sigh. At any rate, just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, I DID check and yep THAT key combo works as expected. Sigh. Page stars? Meant Page breaks. THOSE get lost in the transition to DOCX. Just checked THAT again. SORRY about the mistaken shortcut nominee. But the page breaks disappearing is a pain.

When the time comes to give you an attachment with the problem graphic files, I’ll be happy to oblige. Right now, collecting and documenting might be a little iffy. So I won’t bother you with this for a while, awaiting you having some time to play with the examples… like THAT’s gonna happen any time real soon. Regardless, appreciate your time and quick reply. GM


I’ve been testing both of these today, and they seem to be working correctly for me. The Ctrl+Enter new page is carrying across to the single exported document, as are any images embedded in a scene.

Were these failing in all cases for you or just periodically?


Darren, I really have the one case to try. The book has consistently shown up as one big glob of text rather than paginated as intended in LibreOffice Writer … which might be the problem. I’m betting, with confidence, that you are using MS Word at your end. There also might be an issue that the latest update to LibreOffice might cure.

As for the images, obviously, the same issue is inherent.

That said, I spent the night with YouTube and Sigil videos. I HAVE Calibre and have been largely happy with it’s conversion utility over the years. But the MOBI translation of my articles is coming out clunkier than in the past. Kovid suggested using AZW3, but then side-loading the books onto my Kindle Paper White decides it won’t work with anything but MOBIs and PDFs. Arrrgggggghhh! So, I am going to move all of this to HTML with Sigil and see if that is what I want. I don’t want to alarm Amazon’s integrity checker or the end readers with this book. It’s not a big one. It’s not an important one. But it’s special to me since it’s the first book. Got an ISBN number and everything.

Leave checking it alone for now. I’m not sure you can replicate my environment without more effort than this is worth. Thanks. Sorry to bother you. GM

PS: A whisper in your ear. Export to MOBI and EPUB, as well as DOCX would make you the favourite person in the world to a LOT of would-be authors. Just whisperin’. That’s all.