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Creation Date for Diary like projects


Any suggestions on how to use Atomic Scribbler to keep a journal?

So far I’ve created a new folder for each day and just dumped the Scenes in there. This is how I manage to keep track of the date. Is it possible to see and order Scenes by their creation date?


You can’t sort by date. There’s no facility to do that, but the creation date and modified dates of scenes are being stored, so we could use it at some point down the road.

An easy way to keep a Journal is to create a folder for each month, then each day add a new scene to the folder (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) The default position for a new scene is at the bottom of its containing folder or scene, so each entry should appear in the correct order.


That’s how I organize my photography folder, even though I use a photo catalog, One advantage is in disaster recovery. I can find photos by date, even if I lose catalog data. For Americans, used to the mm/dd/yyyy format, I would suggest naming the folders in the yyyy-mm-dd format. that way, the natural sort order for many applications are ‘normalized’. (Sorry, that’s the retired DBA, in me)


@Glen - Absolutely! I tell everyone to do that. Use yyyy-mm-dd for dates in the same position in file names for automatic sorting by date. It’s the best advice. I change the date format on every system I use to that layout. Sometimes I even add another two digits for the hour, for a very simple versioning tag.

I’ve seen so many weird work-arounds for international variations on date format, even including one that used Roman numerals for the month (so wherever it occurs it’s obviously the month), but YMD (fixed length) is by far the best way, IMNSHO.



@Allen @Glen, I second that!
I use the same yyyy-mm-dd procedure for years now. Simply because databases are designed that way, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Europe or across the Atlantic.

I had to deal with both European version and US version for many years. The YMD format is the secure way to avoid confusion, no matter where you are.



Thank you all for your contribution. The yyyy-mm-dd idea is great and I’ve used it in another places.

@Darren if I could see the creation date for scene that would be more than enough. I can’t find anyway to do it now and if I got to the folder where the project is saved I can’t make sense of how the data is stored.


You can’t see that information yet. I do plan to expose that meta data, but I’m waiting until I add a little more functionality so that it doesn’t sit in isolation. I have a half dozen items I plan to add to the meta data info section, most of which have come up on the forum over the past few months. Soon…