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Consideration for the purchased version

I think I used an early version of this program. I’m trying to recapture my editorial hat and saw an option for SmartEdit Pro. The version I recall using was an add-on that I had to manually load into Word. It’s been a while and I could be completely wrong about this being the product. Seems like it was $25 at the time.

Regardless, I wanted to offer some suggestions for site improvements before committing to the full-blown Pro option.

I noticed there are a few errors on the SmartEdit Pro page at SmartEdit Pro for Professional Editors - SmartEdit. Some of the errors are word choice and I left some alone as a voice choice. There are some, however, that reflect on the site and the overall purpose of the software.

I hope you aren’t offended by my recommendations. You might even be so happy to merit a lifetime license. Or not.

The Word doc is in my personal Proton drive. I used track changes.

Please don’t flame me. I honesty am interested in the Pro package, but it’s a little more spendy than I can afford at this time. I will save up through.

Maybe the post title should be “A few suggestions before I buy Pro.”

Thanks for the feedback on the content of the SmartEdit Pro page.

I do occasionally provide discounts for the standard version of the Word Add-In (students, etc.). But the Pro version is for editors who work with multiple writers and is priced as a business tool. As with the standard version, it’s a one-off payment, not a yearly charge like many similar products.