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Confused about viewing scenes and chapters

So I’m really liking a lot of features in SmartEdit writer - particularly the way notes can come up in the right hand pane - but I’m running into some difficulty.

When outlining I like to outline on a very low level, so my chapters and scenes tend to be built up of scenelets, if you will.

How do you view a chapter’s worth of scenes in SmartEdit? There’s a piece in the user manual that seems to imply this should be doable:

Speaking only for myself, I like to break down my work into a series of small scenes. One of the advantages of doing this is if I decide later that a particular 300 word scene should not happen in Chapter 7, where I originally wrote it, but in Chapter 12, I can easily drag it from the Chapter 7 folder and drop it into the Chapter 12 folder. Or I may decide that a scene I wrote a month ago should not be used at all, in which case I select it and click the Move to Fragments button, removing it from my Document Tree but maintaining it in Fragments in case I want to read or use it later.

So what’s the method for viewing a full chapter’s worth of small scenes at once, exactly?

This would be a very useful feature, but I don’t think it’s currently implemented. I could be wrong…


There is no such feature in SmartEdit Writer. Scenes are isolated until you open them individually or create a single merged document.

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