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Configuration losses on Windows shutdown?

I’ve noticed that a few times when I’ve shut down Windows without closing SmartEdit Writer, I lose some configuration changes on the next restart:

  • (the only one I’d say could have serious impact) auto backups are disabled and the location is blank
  • program layout changed – tree view and notes display that are normally to the left and right of the display, are closed and have to be opened manually.
  • new scenes default to Calibri 11 with changed paragraph settings.
  • [edit] single click scene open gets reset.

These are the ones that I’ve noticed. I wonder if this isn’t happening to others, or if most people manage a cleaner shutdown that I do :slight_smile:

Hmmh, why in the world do you want to shut down Windows when a program [as in this case SmartEdit Writer] is still open? Win10 notifies you even during shutdown that you still have a program open, and offers you to go back to close it.

Programs should be properly closed before one shuts down Windows. Well, at least that’s my humbled opinion since DOS 3.3. :slight_smile:

Well, I never said I wanted to :grinning:

Bear in mind that SmartEdit Writer syncs data automatically, so very often Windows can simply close it without bothering the user. I’ve done some experimenting and I’ve seen it block shutdown a couple of times; on those occasions the program exits (in some failure state, I guess) leaving an “Unexpected error” (or similar) dialog behind.

Corollary: where possible programs should handle system shutdowns gracefully :slight_smile: Generally you might get shut down by a remote admin, or even by an event you scheduled yourself, one that triggers while you’re away from your desk. Or you might just be in a hurry or at the end of a long day.

The behaviour you’re describing shouldn’t be happening unless there’s another problem. When Windows shuts down it sends a regular close notification to all open apps. That triggers the same close mechanism as a user clicking close inside SmartEdit Writer.

If you see this again, send me a copy of the log file for that day, which should shed some light on what’s going on. The log file location is outlined here.

The only known instance where SmartEdit Writer will fail to shut down completely is when it can’t save a scene you’ve been working on. In this case it will remain open until the issue is resolved and a save can occur.

Thanks Darren, will do.

Well, I never said I wanted to…<<

Hmmmh, last time I checked English sentence structure and grammar, your statement, " …when I’ve shut down Windows without closing SmartEdit Writer…" means you did it intentionally (a.k.a. wanted). Unless, of course, you’re using your computer while sleepwalking or should I coin the word ’ sleeptyping’ ? :slight_smile:
Just to clarify that minor item.

Hey, I’m an imperfect human who sometimes does things without specifically meaning to … sometimes I’ve even shut down only to have an application warn me about unsaved data! Phew! Thank goodness I’m using a moderately well-designed operating system that protects me from such inattention :wink:

Seriously, graceful application exit at system shutdown has been supported (to my knowledge) since the heyday of Unix. Darren has confirmed that it’s supposed to work, but it’s not working for me.

Since I have an issue with my configuration I’d like to get to the bottom of it – or at least report it – even if the work-around is “be sure to shut down SmartWriter Edit cleanly”. There may be other users with the same configuration problem who might also be interested too, given the potential reversion of the backup setting.