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Compiling documents

Hello again. Is there a way to compile only one folder without sending everything to documents? Also, I have an odd issue with text appearing in a tiny font, or an odd font, seemingly at random. I think I may have to go through and fix these issues manually.

No. When you export, it’s all or nothing (apart from notes) for the Document tree. Anything you don’t want to export you should consider sending to Fragments.

The export should be maintaining whatever font is in each scene. It doesn’t (or shouldn’t) be making any changes to those fonts. The small font — is it small in the original scene or only in the export?

It’s only small in the export, and it’s all stuff I know was the right size in the original. I wish I could show you, but I’m very private about my work. Sorry.

If you can duplicate the problem using a small sample project with a couple of scenes at some point, that would be great.

I’ll try to, but it seems very sporadic.