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Close All Scenes Upon Exit

Hi all!
Quick question regarding scene closure when exiting the app. I’ve noticed that, if you leave any scenes open when you close the app, they are opened for you at the next start up. Sometimes, this seems to cause the app to lag significantly. I am wondering if there is a setting available that can force close all open scenes and documents when you exit the app. Of course, I can just do this manually, but my memory just doesn’t always cooperate where things like that are concerned. Just wondering if this is a setting that is already available, because I couldn’t seem to find it. If it’s not, is this something that could be implemented in a later release? Thanks!

There’s no built-in way to close all scenes on exit. If you remember, you could use the tab header right click menu “Close all scenes but this” prior to close, which would leave only the active scene to be re-opened the next time you open a project.

@Darren, Makes sense. Any chance that option could possibly be added in a future update?

FWIW, I have a couple of pretty large projects, and having multiple scenes open doesn’t slow things down enough to notice. My system is fairly recent and fairly powerful, but not a monster by any means. For my workflow it’s usually important to find things just as I left them, but now and then I close everything. “All but this” and then “this”, but not because of performance issues. I mention this only in case there might be something else causing the delays. Are your scenes very large? Mine tend to run around 5-10 thousand words.


@ATC Uh, I think that’s about the average length of scenes in my work. I may have a few that run closer to 15K, at most.

It doesn’t slow anything down when I’m working in the project. Once SEW is open, it runs fairly smoothly. The delay is in the initial opening of the app.

It could also have something to do with my device, itself, as well. I have a Samsung Book S. It’s an ARM 64 system running a Snapdragon processor. It runs most things well, but because of the ARM architecture, there are some apps with which it just doesn’t play well.

It does seem to help the loading speed if I’ve closed all scenes prior to exiting the app. I was just hoping there was a way to have the app do it for me, rather than relying on my own memory.

I’ll add it to the list. There will be a new version coming out shortly with some bug fixes.

Loading the UI is one of the most labour intensive part of SmartEdit Writer. On a slow PC you’ll notice this, while you probably won’t notice any delay in using the app itself.

@Darren Thank you! I greatly appreciate it!

@jbrown - Well, yes, that’s definitely not an especially speedy execution environment. If you have a spinning disc rather than a solid state drive, then that might be the main bottleneck. But for portability, that’s still a great system.