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Check spelling in other languages


I’m just trying to start a new project in Atomic Scribbler. However, I really miss spell checking in my native language. I thought your software would allow me to quit Word, but by spelling checker I still have to use it. I tried to manually add dictionaries to the “Dictionaries” folder hoping it would work. But unfortunately, the program does not detect them.

I know that you have already said that you will not be able to check spelling in other languages, but you could not at least allow manual activation of this option? That would be very useful. It’s probably not much work for you :smiley:


We will be adding non-English language dictionaries down the road, but it’s not a high priority at this time. With new products like Atomic it’s important for us to keep the development focus tight, as there’s so much to do and so little resources to do it.

As our working language is English and our website and support languages are English, this pushed other languages down the priority list, as even adding extra dictionaries would only be meeting the needs of other language users part-way. The user interface would still be English, as would the website and our email and forum support.

This is especially true now as we’re focusing development on SmartEdit for Atomic Scribbler. Most of the functionality in SmartEdit is language based, making this upcoming release even less significant for non-English users.

We will get to the other dictionaries, but it will be a while I’m afraid.