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Check re-run bug

  1. Run all checks | Prose Only
    … wait for all 16 checks to complete…
  2. from Results tab, Select Adverbs dropdown.
    Adverbs results correctly displays prose-only.
  3. Do some edits e.g. adding or deleting adverbs.
  4. Re-run selected check.
    … wait for check to complete…
    Adverbs results now displays ALL ADVERBS, not prose-only.


At the moment the only way to run a prose only check is via the “all or nothing” option on the Run all Checks drop down menu. The refresh, as you discovered, runs the same check again against prose and dialogue.

The root issue here is the same one you raised a while ago:

I’ve been thinking about it over the past week or so, and the solution I’m probably going to adopt here will be three small State or Type buttons on the toolbar. Prose, Dialogue, Everything. You press one, and that state becomes the active state and is applied to any check that is run, whether it’s a single check, a refresh, all or many checks.

This one small addition would fix the problem everywhere and allow for the drop down menu to be removed from the Run all Checks button. I’ll aim for the next SmartEdit release. It’s not a large or complex piece of work.


Great. Looking forward to the enhancement.