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Character count


For most of my projects I need character count (including spaces) instead of word count. The approximation words x 7 is not always good enough. Please add the option to the word counter.


Sure, especially if you write in different languages like me.
The one only way to count the characters inc.spaces is to export your text to Word.
The standard author’s/printer’s sheet is 40,000 characters including spaces.
The words number might be relevant for some school essays, but not for the authors.


Thanks for the suggestion achterblad. The current word count was the most basic offering possible. I will be expanding on this. What’s your individual requirement for a character count? Are you writing in non-English languages like Zuhal, or is there a publishing requirement for a character count?


I am writing nonfiction, mostly in German, sometimes in English. In German book and journal publishing traditionally the number of characters (including spaces) is predefined by the editors. Furthermore, a special case is writing for speech or radio. A professional German speaker utters approximately 900 characters per minute. Therefore a character counter is needed. I also have found character standards in English/international journals.