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Can't Find Projects

Ever since I first started using SmartEdit, I’ve had a problem with my projects. I back up but sometimes the project disappears from the Project Manager and I can’t get it back. Sometimes projects won’t open, or it takes a good twenty minutes of trying to open it by clicking open or double clicking, or a long single click, even though it’s set for single click. It’s frustrating and worrying. So far, I haven’t lost the largest file, the one I’ve been working on for a long time but I can’t trust it. Any suggestions gratefully received.

If the project disappears from the Project Manager, you can open it and get back by using the Open Project button. Look at the final section of this page in the Knowledge Base:

This is confusing. Are you trying to open a project or a scene within a project? Single Click Open only refers to scenes within a project. To open a project by double clicking on the project file (see help section above), you have to double click, as with all Windows files.

Hi Darren. Thankyou for your help. I think the reason some of my files are having trouble opening is because I have Windows 7. Also, I found the other projects. They were in a file that I wasn’t familiar with. The laptop used to belong to my husband. Sorry, I panicked. A good few years of work were associated with those files.