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Cannot install SmartEdit Writer on Windows 10 Pro

Installation errors out saying that I must install to Windows 10, etc. Is it not possible to install to Windows 10 Pro?

There are two possibilie reasons for this. The first is that you’re missing the required Microsoft framework. You can download this direct from the Microsoft Website here:

After downloading and installing, try installing SmartEdit Writer again.

If this fails, the likely cause is that your PC is missing some Windows updates. Enusre that automatic updates is switched on on your PC, and install the latest updates.

I am using Win 10 Pro, latest version, updated on Tuesday of this week. SW installed with no issue. However, I recall when I was first installing the new version (when it changed from AS to SW), I had to install as Admin.

Got it solved. This was a brand new machine, but it still needed to be updated to the latest Windows 10. Thanks!