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Can I work on a project in my Dropbox folder?



You should never work on an Atomic project inside a Dropbox, OneDrive, or other cloud storage folder.

Atomic projects are not single documents like Microsoft Word. A project contains a multitude of files for each scene and note, as well as a database to bind everything together. These files must be kept in synch with each other, otherwise you risk data loss and incorrect data apearing in your project.

Recognised issues with services like Dropbox incluide partial or incomplete synchs, multiple file creation, and more. All of which will have a negative effect on an Atomic project.

If you wish to work on your Atomic project on multiple PCs, you must copy the project in its entirety from on PC to another. Methods of doing this include USB or flash drives, network drives, emailing projects to yourself, or extracting zipped backups from a cloud folder (Dropbox will work for this.)

Again, NEVER open a project directly from a Dropbox folder.


I’ve been using PageFour with the files in my Google Drive. If I’m careful about making sure the files are synced, can I do that–or is it a bad idea, too?


PageFour was very forgiving of conflicts or unexpected behaviour with Dropbox and OneDrive. It could do this because its structure was so simple - folders of documents, reflected in the PageFour notebooks. Any new or unexpected documents were simply added to the end of a Notebook.

Atomic works very differently, as it needs to store a lot more information about each scene and how it connects to the work around it. This binding information will only grow over time, and is one of the big differences between PageFour and Atomic.

This means that an incomplete merge or a conflict may lead to missing or overwritten scenes, as the connecting information gets corrupted due to updates from two PCs.

For working in a live instance of Dropbox to work, you would need to be religious about synching, as one mistake or one forgotten or incomplete synch could lead to problems.

I would avoid working with Atomic in this way.


A new topic has been added to the Knowledge Base on the Atomic Scribbler website outlining some do’s and don’t when it comes to working on multiple PCS:

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