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Can I recover a scene I have just deleted?

Hi there!

I have deleted a scene some minutes ago and now I want to recover it. The problem is that I cannot find the way to do it. Does the program have the option to recover deleted scenes different from the backup thing?
Thanks in advance


Once a scene is deleted, you can’t ‘undelete’ it from within SmartEdit Writer.

Apart from the regular daily backups, deleted scenes can usually be recovered from the Fail-safe backups which are made each time you close a project. More information here:

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Whenever I pause for thought I save off my scene in Word format, using the Export as… function under the Word Processor tab. This is left over from the days I used to write on an old Apple IIc, using floppy discs. I has made me paranoid.
I also love the new Draft function where you can have multiple copies of drafts.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I would love to have such a feature