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Bug - Scroll issues when collapsing nodes in Doc Tree


Latest version on Win10.

A test project has enough Chapters to require scrolling the Document Tree.

When I click the triangle to collapse folders, the last few won’t collapse unless I scroll up and down a little, just once for each folder I’m trying to collapse. This may be related to making the tree scroll down as the overall depth is reduced by each collapse.

Opening a closed node also frees up the Tree for one more collapse action, but then it won’t allow any more nodes to be closed.

I made a Tree Scroll Bug video which makes it a lot easier to understand what’s happening.



Another possibly related issue cropped up before my posts were going through:

Once in a while the Tree gets glitchy, and I suspect it involves interaction with the tabs, or code in common. A few minutes ago, I couldn’t scroll all the way down the tree, or all the way right in the tabs. The icons in the tree had fragments of text in them, different text in each one, only a letter and a half. The scrollbar didn’t work right, and the whole tree and scrollbar flickered when I dragged down, trying to reach the last few chapters. It’s moderately repeatable – the scrollbar must be all the way down.



I think that these two issues have the same root cause. There’s a drawing issue in the tree that manifests only when the scrollable height is very small — a few nodes high. Shouldn’t be that hard to fix. (famous last words there.)