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[Bug Report]I cannot acces my project due to an update bug-error

I recently added a new SSD to my PC, naturally I installed a new OS there, and installed a new SEW, however I cannot open my project I did on the previous os/disk. I get this error:
“Unexpected Error”
“Unable to update project to version 8.3”
I unfortunately deleted the SEW application on my old HD, but I did not delete the project,in fact I copiet the entire folder in my current documents folder.

So please help save this project, specifically the text in it.

Send me a copy of the log file for yesterday (when the problem occurred). Details of where the log file is located are here:

Sorry its like this, I cannot find the spoiler function.

There’s a fundamental error here on your PC. Tell me more about the new SSD you installed. Is it running a full version of Windows 10, all up to date with Windows updates and such?

You tried running both version 7.8 and the latest version of SmartEdit and they hit the same problem, a problem not linked to the installation at all, and likely related to supporting Windows files that were not there.

Its Windows 8.1, as far as I know it should be at the very least the same or more updated than the one before.

I am wondering, if I could just extract the texts from the project, it doesn’t have to be the project in itself as a function of SmartWriter.

Your best option would be to install SmartEdit Writer on a different PC, open your project there, then Export as a Single Document (Actions & Tools menu). This would give you your entire work, with formatting, in one Word document.

You can extract your text directly and bypass SmartEdit Writer in one of two ways.

  1. Open the Documents folder inside the project folder. Each DOCX file in this folder is one scene, with the highest numbered files being the most recently created scenes.

  2. On this page, read the section titled “Fail-safe or secondary backups”: The most recent backup file will give you all the text in your Document, but without formatting and structure.

Thanks for this, you saved my story.

But I cannot start a new project, I just get a bland error. I guess me and Smart Writer were not meant to be.

It was working perfectly on your old hard drive. The same version is not working on your new drive, which means the two systems differ. Check that you have the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.62 runtime installed on your PC. You can install it direct from here:

And check that you’re fully up to date with Windows updates.