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[Bug Report] empty document tree

Hi. So I moved a folder from fragments to documents, edited the scenes and closed the program. When I opened the program again, the document tree is completely empty, the scenes aren’t listed in the fragments tree either, but they are still open tabs in the word processing center pane, and the word count for the full document shows the right number of words. I don’t know how I would go about opening any of the scenes back up if I close them at this point. It exported the scenes into a new document fine as well. I just… can’t see them in the document tree, which means I also cannot access the copies I made prior to editing with the new create a copy feature. Oops. I’m going to copy the scenes out manually into a new project for safe keeping.

Hm. Seems like maybe this was a lag issue? I waited about half an hour while copying things out of the fragments folder and the documents tree showed back up. I’m on a Surface Book 3 with Intel core i7, 32GB RAM, Win 10 (up to date) SEW 8.4.

If this happens again, when you have an active scene in the word processor that you can’t find, use Ctrl+G to jump to that scene in the tree. This will refocus the tree and ensure that the scene and its parent structure are all opened and visible,

Ah, much appreciated. Thanks!