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[BUG] Project launcher shortcut doesn't work from Windows Taskbar

This bug is no big deal in my opinion, but I decided to report it so that you know.

There are two ways to launch SmartEdit Writer. The first one is to use the SmartEdit Writer shortcut that opens the project manager. From there, you select the project that you want to work with and the actual editor opens.

Alternatively, you can open the “atomic.scribbler” file located in the project folder: that way, you can bypass the project manager and open the project directly. I find this more convenient as I have only one project, hence I created a desktop shortut for this file, and it works fine.

However, Windows allows you to permanently attach a shorcut to the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. That way, you don’t have to keep the shorcut on the desktop and open the app anywhere from any folder or window.

For some reason, whenever I attach the shortcut for “atomic.scribbler” file to the taskbar, it doesn’t work from there. It works from the file directly, or from a shortcut on the desktop, but not from a shortut on the Windows taskbar. When I click it, nothing happens (for a moment, the cursor changes to loading one, but that’s it).

I’ve tried duplicating the issue but haven’t had any success. The method of pinning a file to the taskbar outlined in this article successfully opens the project:

Are you using a different method?