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Bug in scene tabs


If I open a large number of scenes, say 15, then close them one at a time by clicking the Xs in the tabs, I’m left with one open scene that has no tab at all.


Very unusual. You’re sure it’s a scene with content left open and not just a blank space?


I’ve attached an after screen shot. I think the problem may be related to long scene names. As I open enough scenes to fill up the space on the tabs bar and more, earlier tabs to the left disappear. Then when I close them one at a time and get down to one visible tab left (not the only tab actually open though), I close it and another tab reappears by itself. I close that and the same thing happens again until I’m left with an open scene with no visible tab. I suspect the tabs are scrolling to the left as I open more than can be shown in the tab space available. If true, one fix might be to show less of each scene name when tab space becomes a problem.


It may be connected to the scrolling into view of the last active tab. One way to test this is to make a change to that final scene when no tab is visible, then close and re-open the project. If the saved change is visible, then the tab still existed even though it wasn’t visible.

You could also try going to Settings and switching the Start page back on – that might have an impact on the final page visibiity as once the Start Page is enabled there will always be at least one tab present. Maybe try this when the tab has disappeared and see what happens.


The last remaining open untabbed scene was the first scene to be opened in the seqeunce. After closing all the scenes I can, making a change to the remaining untabbed scene, saving and reopening showed that the scene had my change, and it was the first scene originally opened (first tab).

With the start page back on I opened a lot of tabs and closed them. This left the Start Page visible without a tab! See attached screen shot.


Perfect, thanks. I se the sole tab isn’t visible for the Start page either when it should be. I’ll add it to the bugs list see if I can work out what’s going on.