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Bug: black text on black background

I’m trying to use the Office 2019 Black theme, though this appears to happen for any theme with white text on a dark background. At seemingly random, there are black lines of text among the white lines and the only way to get it to stop is to set the font color manually for each scene. (The black lines of text most often show up on the first line of paragraphs, or the last line of a scene. The lines of black text swap around as I add more text to the scene.) I’ve tried everything I can think of, including reinstalling SEW entirely.

Any ideas on how I could fix this or what might be going wrong?

I haven’t been able to duplicate this at all. Is there anything unusual about the formatting of the text in the scene? For example, is it sitting inside a table?

Something to be aware of though is that if you specify a font color, that color will always apply, regardless of the theme. So changing the font to white, then switching back to a white background theme, your text will all be invisible.

Nothing unusual about the text, and it’s the same across 3 projects and two computers. I will say I’ve only noticed it happening in Scenes - not Notes. The only thing I can think of that might be disrupting the process is I did copy all of the original text in from Scrivener, but subsequent scenes I made - and projects - both suffered from similar black-on-black without any other copying and pasting, so I doubt it’s rippling out that far.

Ended up changing my theme to Pumpkin to prevent further complication, but that also means I won’t have any further updates on this problem. 🤷 Thanks for taking a look at it, either way.

An update on this. Off a clean reinstall and in re-setting up the app, I happened to notice the “black” themes only have the black text bug on Simple View–they’re fine in Page View. (Tested with Office 2019 Black and Office 2016 Black across several perfectly average scenes.)

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