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Breaking up an import?

I am new to this tool… I just wanted to edit my book by importing it all and then going through and adding notes to allow coming back and re-writing. When I import as one document my notes are all a-jumble and I cannot then find what they refer to. Was hoping for an ‘alongside note’ that scrolled with the text of the book.

So I tried to create new chapters and then cut from the one big Chapter 1 into individual chapters. Very difficult (or I don’t know how to do it properly). That would at least allow my notes to be tied to a chapter.

It seems as if it should be so simple… is it?

I don’t think there’s any automated way to do that. You can manually create notes attached to a particular scene/chapter but there’s no scrolling to that note when you open a scene.

Once you get it set up that way it works pretty effectively. You can open the note alongside the scene and easily copy/paste between them. I find myself using notes more than the Research Tree.

Vicki is right. There’s no automated method in SmartEdit Writer to break up a Word document into smaller parts, or to assign notes to sections of text. It’s all manual I’m afraid.