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Bought it but does not show in Word

I bought the product, SmartEdit for Word, and installed it as per the instructions.

It does not show up in the tool bar and it is not in the Disabled Add Ins. Also, there is no customer service, it has to be done through the Forum. I really hope I get an answer and that I didn’t just lose 77 bucks.

Update: At this point I have asked for a refund. It simply does not work. Great advertising, I have no clue as to the actual product, because could never make it work.

Hi T.J.,

Welcome to the forum. You were already close to the solution. If SmartEdit for Word doesn’t show, do the following:
(1) Go to: File >> Options >> Add Ins.

(2) At the bottom is the pull down menu where you probably were earlier. :slight_smile:
Just DO NOT select ‘Disabled Items’ at Manage, BUT stay with the shown default [COM Add-ins]. Klick on ‘Go…’

(3) The next displayed option shows the available Add-ins. There you should see SmartEdit as well. It’s probably not checked, that’s why it doesn’t show.

(4) Set a checkmark at SmartEdit, click [OK], and you should be good to go.

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands here. Yes, support goes through the forum but works pretty good and fast.


Already did that. Not there.

SmartEdit does not show anywhere, except that in the Utility (you know the Install/Uninstall), shows it as in the installed Apps.

I am extremely frustrated over this.

It might be a stupid question, but you do have a Word version that supports SE, right?
Requires Microsoft Word (2019, 2016, 2013 or 2010)

Windows 10, Word 2016.

That’s not it.

Hmmmh, those were the first two things that came to my mind. Darren is the developer, and he will chime in to help you. I logged on not long ago, saw you new posting, and answered right away with the most obvious solutions.

I run it in Word 2010 on Win10 (compatibility shell). Works even fine with the older version. If no one else pops up, Darren checks and will help you.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

So far, that’s also what I got from my email query.

Apparently, if it does not work right away, they don’t know what to do. Very frustrating and more than a little annoying.

Again, thank you very much for your comments.

Hello. I am having the EXACT same problem. It does not show after download. I used different browers. It says completed. I went to options and did all of those steps, as well. Nothing is there to click on. It simply does not show. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I am on a new lap top and using 2019 word.

Please advise.

I’ve had a few reports form users encountering this problem. As yet, I’ve been unable to duplicate the issue on multiple PCs and versions of Word. My guess is that it’s a recent Windows update that’s causing the problem, but that’s just a guess at this point. Still working on it.

Anyone else who encounters this problem, if the steps outlined on the FAQ page fail to fix it, please email me a copy of SmartEdit’s installation log file to darren [@] You’ll find that file in this folder:


The ‘20191101070326’ at the end of the file name is a timestamp and will vary depending on when you install.