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Bookmarks to "a place in this document"

First, sorry for my english…
I’ve trying to create an hyperlink to a word in the same document, other scene or the same. I did it in Word, creating a bookmark within a word and create a hyperlink to that bookmark. In SmartEdit Writer, there is an option for direct a hyperlink to a bookmark in “existing file or web page” OR “a place in this document”, but the required list of bookmarks is always empty, and I don’t find the way to create a bookmark without url. It’s really exist, or it’s a planned feature for the future??? I’ve read the manual trying to find it, and I’ve going crazy


Bookmarks have not been implemented yet, and there isn’t a time frame for implementing them. The underlying word processor does allow for bookmarks, which is why you see the option on the hyperlink dialog, but only internally within a page. A custom solution would be required to allow document level bookmarks across a project and it’s very low down the priority list.

Ahh ok, finally a definitive answer, thanks a lot. The bookmarks in the same document doesn’t seems much important either, having the tree on the left, so I understand it. Still, it’s a marvelous app. Again, thank you!