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Blank Recently Opened Projects Screen


When opening the program, my recent projects screen came up completely blank. Worse, when I tried to open a projects folder from my cloud-based backup location, I could only partially restore my work from the fail-safe backup (‘scenes’ folder).

Luckily, I kept my manuscript together in one document rather than busting it out into separate scenes, except for the first scene, which I just re-wrote. I recovered the manuscript, minus the first scene and all the plot notes I made.

I checked the atomic log for my last backup (Feb. 26/21). It says the backup was complete.

Any idea how I can restore my missing files, and why the projects folder failed to show my recent projects?

I can restore a full backup from Feb 20/21, just not the 26th. So I’ve recovered all of my notes and an earlier draft of my first scene. Whew!

Reading through this forum, I wonder if a Windows update might have screwed up my Feb 26 cloud-based backup, particularly since SmartEdit Writer was still open?

Darren, would making a cloud-based backup AND a removeable drive backup before ending each writing session solve a problem like this from happening in the future?

Thanks for designing this very useful program. I’m really enjoying it!


When the recent projects list appears empty, this doesn’t mean anything has happened to the projects themselves. It’s simply the recent list that has been flushed for some reason.The projects should still be where they’ve always been and can be opened using the Open Project button:

The default location for all projects is your Documents/SmartEdit Writer folder, unless you created them in a different location.

You should check to see if the projects are still there, as there shouldn’t have been any reason to resort to your backups.

Thanks, Darren.

I think the problem was due to my unfamiliarity with the program and a Windows 10 update that occurred one night when I was working late. I definitely got confused about the difference between a saved file and a backup.

Thanks for the quick, informative reply.