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Backup not working

The past few days, backups have stopped working. A few minutes after I close the document, I’ll get an alert saying there was an error and it’ll ask me to ensure that I’ve selected the proper location for the backup. I made a new folder and selected that to see if maybe that was the issue, but I still received an error message.

I’ve had this same problem for many months. I’ve just ignored it and I guess, have not been getting backups properly all this time when I close the program. I assumed it was something I did wrong like break the location it would normally save backups to. I’ll be interested in how this issue is resolved for you royalhans so I can implement it on my computer as well.

If you use backup button and save the backup to the same location, do you encounter the same problem?

Also, where is your backup location? On your C drive? An external plug in drive?

Not sure if my problem was the same as royalhans but I configured automatic backups to save my backups into a “Documents/SmartEdit Writer” folder rather than a “Program Files/SmartEdit Writer/backups” folder in Windows where I had set it up previously, and that fixed it for me. Don’t know why but it did. Thanks Darren.

Program Files is not a good location to save backups to, as this folder is generally not accessible for writing to, which is why you were seeing the error message. Software installs itself into Program Files, but the work you do in that software does not go there. It generally goes into your Documents folder.

Thanks Darren. Understood. Doug

@Darren My backup location is in the documents folder ( C:/My Documents>SmartEdit Writer>[project name]>.atomic>Backups). I made a new backup folder to see if that would make a difference, and I’m still getting an error message.

That’s not a correct backup folder. That’s an internal folder used by the specific project. You can’t set that as a backup folder, as you’ll find yourself in a situation where the parent project is trying to make a copy of itself inside itself, which isn’t possible.

Open the automatic backup page in the Settings dialog and change the backup folder to a single folder on your local PC (Not a SmartEdit project folder), like the example below:

I did that. It still isn’t working :confused:

What’s the precise folder you’re using?

My Documents>SmartEdit Writer Backups ( this isn’t in the SmartEdit Writer default folder that’s created when the program is installed )

Is this the precise error message you’re seeing: “Unable to create automatic backup. Check that your backup location is accessible.”

If it is, then there is almost certainly a problem with the folder you’ve set up for automatic backups. Can you go to the Actions toolbar and use the “Make Backup” option, and see if you can make a manual backup to the same folder.

Also, can you send me a copy of the SmartEdit Writer log file for today. You’ll find this in the “Documents/SmartEdit Writer” folder, and it should be called “AtomicLog-2020-5-18”

Yeah, that’s what I got. I tried the manual backup suggestion, and this is the message I received: “Compressed or uncompressed size, or offset exceeds the maximum value. Consider setting the Use Zip64WhenSaving property on the ZipFile instance.” I’m inferring this means my file is too big?

For that message to appear, the project folder would need to be huge. Have you got some very large video or image files in there?

Also, earlier you said you were previously backing up inside the project’s own backup folder. You should take a look inside this folder and see if it’s full of zip file backups. There shouldn’t be any in there, and if there are you should remove them.

I have a couple of images in one scene, but everything is text for the most part. I have one scene that I’m working on that’s just a bunch of random thoughts that I’ve thrown into one file/scene, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Any zip files that were saved in the original location I deleted or moved to the new location in My Documents. The only things in there are the .tmp files and the scenes folder

The tmp files you can delete, but unless they’re huge they shouldn’t be causing a problem.

Is it possible you’re running low on memory on your hard drive? I’ve never encountered that zip error with a project before, as it shouldn’t appear unless the project size is a couple of gigabytes.

That could be it? I have a few big files on my computer that take up space (I need to move them to the external, tbh, but I have random moments where I feel like using them; it’s predictable), so maybe that’s it? I could also try moving the larger parts of the document to a new one and see if that works, because everything else is brief; it’s just two scenes that are just conglomerates of things.

The scenes in the document take up almost no room. A single image file could be larger than all your scenes combined. You should right click on the project folder in Windows Explorer, select Properties, and see just how large that folder is. If it’s small - under 50mbs, then the contents of the project are not the problem and you should look to the space on your PC.

I just checked. It was at 8.35 GB :'D

That’s your issue then. Your project size should be about 1/10,0000 of that size. You need to look into the sub folders inside the project and find out which one contains all that superfluous content, and what it is. Look at folder sizes and file sizes.