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Autocorrect Problem

I’m having a very specific problem with autocorrect in SEW. If I want to use a word or spelling that is explicitly on Autocorrect’s list of words it changes, then even if I do “Add to Dictionary”, Autocorrect still changes the word every time it comes up.

I tested this in Microsoft Word (2010) and the same thing happens, but unlike SEW, Word has a way to edit the Autocorrect list. In SEW I can find the custom dictionary, but there appears to be no way to access the Autocorrect list, and adding the word I want to the custom dictionary does not stop autocorrect from continuing to make that correction.

I also tried restarting SEW after adding the word to the dictionary. I believe it could be fixed by making the change to Autocorrect in Microsoft Word, then uninstalling and reinstalling SEW, but I’d really rather not take such drastic action. I could also just turn off autocorrect, but autocorrect is still extremely useful and I’d rather deal with the problem than lose autocorrect.

The specific case here is a character using they/them pronouns. Autocorrect changes themself to themselves automatically, regardless of whether “themself” has been added to the dictionary. Because it’s a word that’s getting used relatively frequently, this very specific problem suddenly becomes much more irritating

Edit: I tried poking around in SEW’s program files, to see if I could find what file has the autocorrect list, but couldn’t find it. If I knew what file it was, I could probably remove this specific thing from the autocorrect list from there, but I always prefer not to mess around in program files if I can avoid it

There isn’t a workaround to this problem in SmartEdit Writer at the moment. As you discovered, the autocorrect list is not editable. It’s also not taken from Word, so changes made to Word won’t have any impact.

You can get around the problem by performing an undo action (Ctrl+Z) after the autocorrect is made, but you’d need to remember to do that for each occurrence.

I’ll make a change in the next release to exclude this word from the autocorrect list. The longer term solution of course is to make the list editable inside SmartEdit Writer, but that won’t be any time soon.

Are there any other combinations apart from themselves/themselves that you’re having problems with?

Thank you for the quick response, that solution would be great! Themself/themselves is the only one that’s giving me trouble, and aside from that one, autocorrect has been very helpful