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Atomic Scribbler with SmartEdit — beta version now available for download


Atomic Scribbler Version 4 Released — Big, big changes!
Version 4 is now live and available for download. <<

Thanks, Darren. That’s great. I’m going to download it right away, and install it.

As for the changes, there need to be a major revision for the manual as well. :slight_smile: I’m going to revise everything [early next week] according to the Knowledge Base. New screen shots, new sections, shortcuts, etc.

I assume the changes will show in the knowledge base next week. Have a great week end and thanks for such a major work in record time. :slight_smile:



Um, your autofill utility made Gary Greg for some very odd reason. Not that it’s a biggie. GARYM


Working with Smartedit in Scribbler for the first time, I ran a check on one scene and one scene only. (Had “Check scene” highlighted.)

It worked beautifully, except to get more space, I tried to get rid of the project/folders left sidebar. I was able to remove it using show left, but the next check I looked at it popped up again. Even with it as small as possible, it’s taking up a lot of space on the laptop screen, and would be much nicer if we could get rid of it and leave it out of the way.

I assume it’s there to help keep track of where we are in the checks, but it would be nice if it was there only by choice and not forced on us. Especially if you’re just going through one scene, there’s no need to clog up the screen with that. And even if I was going through a giant novel with tons of different folders and scenes, I’d still want it off, to make it easier to make my changes.

It’s pretty awesome how you integrated it. I can’t stand MS Word, so using this with Smartedit will be infinitely preferable.



There’s an option on the SmartEdit Settings dialog to switch off the scene tracking. See below:



Hi Darren, I don’t know if you get notified when an old post like this gets a newreply but this question is not that important if you miss it anyway. I wonder if the idea of a running word count could be made easier for you and not slow down typing noticeably if you put a timer on it such that it recounted the words for the scene one is working on every five or ten minutes for instance. Would that avoid the continual monitoring problem? Rarely would anyone need or want a second-by-second running word count for a scene I would think. Again not pushing for this soon, just looking ahead. Love AS with SE. Thanks, Doug. Responding to your thought below:

While it sounds simple, a live word count means continually monitoring a re-counting words for the active scene. Easy to code , but can slow down the typing.


A real time and always up to date word count would be difficult to implement, but an almost up to date word count, not so much. I think Scrivener’s solution here was to wait until there was a pause in the writing before kicking off the count, which is agood solution. I might take a look at this.


Hi Darren, thanks for the response. I know you are far too busy and focused on more important features at this point. Meantime, I am simply delighted that SmartEdit is integrated into Atomic Scribbler now. That was the whole of it for me. The simple act of writing and editing is perfected in AS with SE. And “almost” is often better than “always” in life, eh? I’d rather be almost the worst writer ever than always the worst writer ever.

“A real time and always up to date word count would be difficult to implement, but an almost up to date word count, not so much.”