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Atomic Scribbler with SmartEdit — beta version now available for download


A beta version of Atomic Scribbler with SmartEdit is now available for download. As it’s a beta, it will contain some bugs. Please report any bugs you find here on the forums so I can fix them as quick as possible.

Download link

There is no documentation about this version of SmartEdit yet, but as the functionality is close to the Microsoft Word Add-In, the first three topics in the SmartEdit Knowledge Base give a good explanation of the various checks and how they work.

SmartEdit Knowledge Base

When you run SmartEdit for the first time inside Atomic Scribbler, it will run against the current scene only. You need to choose one of the Folder or Document buttons to enable the checks to be run on your entire work. See the screenshot below.


I’m hoping to have the release version available by the end of next week, with all bugs fixed. Feedback is very welcome. Anything you like or don’t like, something that doesn’t work as you’d expect it to, please let me know.

This is a substantial upgrade to Atomic Scribbler, merging it with an entirely separate product (a pricey product at that). As such, there will be changes — possibly big changes — to the way both products are marketed and sold. I’m working through that now.

If you already have a license for Atomic Scribbler, you won’t notice anything. Your license will include all the SmartEdit functionality.

If anyone trying out the beta doesn’t have an Atomic license and likes the SmartEdit addition, you should buy a license before the official Version 4 release at the end of next week. (And no, I don’t know what the changes in this area will be yet.) Likewise, if you have friends who you feel might like the SmartEdit addition, point them this way before the end of next week.

Thanks, and I hope you like the addition of SmartEdit to Atomic Scribbler.


A beta version of Atomic Scribbler with SmartEdit is now available for download. As it’s a beta, it will contain some bugs. Please report any bugs you find here on the forums so I can fix them as quick as possible.<<

Thanks, Darren. Just a quick reminder for those who have Norton AV installed:
When I downloaded the file a minute ago, Norton considered it a threat, and quarantined it.

All you have to do is to open Norton, go to ‘History’ , select the file, and chose ‘Restore and Exclude’. Norton puts it immediately back to where you originally chose to download it.



Just for peace of mind:


It sailed through eSet during the install in Win7x64 Pro.

The check for ad(add) seemed to go bad at the top of the Misused Words (possible) check. NO instances in the four snippets highlighted ad OR added since NONE of them had either word in them. Subsequently in the list, each possible problem was highlighted (not that any of them were wrong, smug smile goes here, I guess).

I wish there HAD been a mistake in the length of sentence alerts. Sigh. Yappity, yap, text, text, text.

Proper Nouns noted But’s, but was slightly wrong here: But that same Mr. (Mr. is the start of a name, Mr. Marcoux. Not sure IF you can catch that in your snippet construction … possible test for SPACE- Mr., Mrs., Ms. M., Mlle. etc at the end of the snippet and if so, continue onto the next period?)

So, that was for the scene that I had open (I try to be at just about 5K per scene/chapter).

In the problem area of Proper nouns, the leading issue was night (knight) (an odd thing to get wrong, except I actually penned a comic series proposal that had one issue called The Night Knight … which ends with a tombstone for the lead character that is inscribed with “Here lies The Night Knight: nite, nite!”). However, each snippet did highlight night. So the randomness prompted me to go back and re-do the Smart-Edit analysis on the single chapter.

Yep, the same lack of proper snippeting OR of the words in the snippets it did produce.



Norton is a world onto itself. It used to be they had a whitelist page, where you could submit a new release the day before and it would be whitelisted the following day and save everyone the hassle. But they dropped that process a few months back and left everyone hanging. New releases from anyone who isn’t Microsoft or other Big-Name-Company are shady-listed by default now.



Good catch there. I can see what’s going on with the ‘ad’ issue. It’s falling over at the beginning of the word in some cases: Sad and Had are read as ‘ad’ , skipping the first character. I’ll put a fix in for this next week.

Can you expand a bit on the ‘night’ proper noun issue. The proper nouns check differes from the rest in that it’s based on case. Do you have a sentence example where it’s identifying ‘night’ where it shouldn’t be?


I’ve had to push a quick 3.31 release a few minutes back as SmartEdit (when it was open) was affecting carriage returns in the word processor and in some cases deleting a paragraph when it shouldn’t have. In the results list, as well as double clicking, you should be able to use the arrow keys and press Enter to have the same affect as a double click. THis has been fixed, but if you downloaded before this post, you should re-download and re-install.

New download Link.


I know, Darren, and I’m not concerned about it. I simply go and get it back from Norton’s quarantine. Normal routine.

I just don’t know how many other users run Norton AV, and if they remember our earlier comm from last year. That’s why I mentioned it right away, and showed those who are effected how to retrieve it. :slight_smile:


Hi Darren. I love the addition of SmartEdit to Atomic Scribbler. My 3.31 version is working perfectly in Windows 10 Home (with latest updates).
After running a full check on a fairly small (seven thousand word) document, I’ve noticed only that the adverb finder missed the word “hardly” as in “hardly visible from the sidewalk” meaning scarcely, or barely. It did catch “barely” in another phrase, “could barely believe it”. Maybe hardly is not a regular adverb, or has another non-adverbial sense that causes the adverb finder to ignore it.
I did not go through all the checks to look for other problems but will let you know if anything else comes up. So far it’s fantastic.
Side note: Do you have any interest in making the word counts always visible for each scene and the full document rather than having to go to the menu and make them pop up? Maybe in the word processor ribbon? It would be useful to me as I read through old scenes and check my document as I edit or write for a specific word count, to see my word count for each scene and the whole document at the top of the page - as I type. A dynamic word count.
Thanks, what a great program!


Some words do not show in word count. For example “up” or “get”. There is probably more.

Putting in more than 4 instances of a jibberish made-up word does show though. Presumably it assumes it is a name.

Why some common words do not show up? What is the bug? Probably because they are excluded by the various filter categories of SmartEdit. Might need an extra loop to include ALL words: any combo of characters.

It would be great for version 3.32 or later to include a:

SEARCH-BOX Option, in the right column:

So you can search for any word, even if it occurs less than 5 or 4 instances, even if once or none.

Most of the code engine for it is probably there, needs adding an extra interface (search-box text-field & OK button) and some extra code. Probably, I am guessing.


You want to search for a word (or phrase) that occurs only once or twice or maybe not at all ! How to do it in right-column SmartEdit interface? Say search for “xyz”


I create a temporary scratch scene/note in the document
Enter the word I want to search for 5 times on a new line separated by spaces
Each line for a word is easier to scan the tempo scratch scene/note node, so:
xyz xyz xyz xyz xyz
Press top button: RUN ALL CHECKS (for all nodes search choose drop-down option: All Text)

Now xyz shows at least ONCE in the results of SmartEdit.
If there is another instance(s), it will show too as a separate hit(s) in results

If you write xyz 4 times or less in the scratch scene/note, then it will not show if there are no other instances.

I am new to SmartEdit. If there is a way to search in the right column for words that occur 4 times or less, please let me know. I could not see how.

The above method works though, for now. I hope in future versions a generic search textbox field can be added to the right-column. Hopefully after this busy week for the dev, of debugging current major update, sometime in the future.

I also think an extra loop as I said initially to capture all words, will collect all the missing words too.

The way this SmartEdit is working, it will make a lot of things possible. I have other suggestions but will wait for a while.

Thanks for this awesome bonus major mega-feature. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Another idea for an extra feature:

ALSO Include in SmartEdit results words that occur less than 5 times:
4 times or
3 times or
Twice or

Maybe the extra All-inclusive loop option to capture all words:

Search for ALL Words

Can be toggled On/Off with a CheckBox at the top of the right-column within SmartEdit results ?
To filter results accordingly ?

just an idea. Thanks again.


I just noticed:

Once you have a list of result hits in the right-column (SmartEdit) and put the focus (click on) on a particular result box:

CTRL + Arrow-Down
CTRL + Arrow-Up

Moves the focus (highlighted) down or up the results.


Pressing Return (Enter)

Shows the location of that result in the center editor pane.

This is great for quickly going up and down the results with shortkeys. Instead of fiddling with mouse movements and scroll-bars. (Page-Up and Page-Down function as expected, jumping a page height.)

However pressing the Return (Enter) to see the actual text in the center editor, moves the focus to the center editor pane too. Then we have to use the mouse again to move focus (highlight) onto the right-column again.

Using CTRL + Up/Down keys should also update the central editor pane to show the relevant reference without having to press Return(Enter).

Because then using only these two keys, we can check the results in a true sense (where they are in text) with lightening speed. Going up and down very fast. Updating the central editor pane without leaving the right-column and having to move back with mouse-click.

Once you are in the right-column on a particular result AND THEN press Return (Enter), ONLY THEN the focus jumps to the central editor pane location.

We can have simply using Arrow-Up & Arrow-Down keys (not using CTRL) in the right-column, function as it does NOW:

Simply move Up & Down the right-column results:
Without updating/changing the central editor pane

Because then we have the best of both worlds.

It would be great to have a shortcut to jump from column to column (left-column > central editor > Right-column). Preferably CTRL + SomeKey

All my suggestions in this thread are meant for after v3.32 release.

Thanks again.


This is part of the same issue reported by Gary above. Should have it fixed in a few days.

Not anytime soon. While it sounds simple, a live word count means continually monitoring a re-counting words for the active scene. Easy to code , but can slow down the typing.



The repeated words checker is the only check that has a prebuilt exclusion list. You can see what we choose to exclude by default by opening the Exclusion dialog. See below.

You can edit this list or chose to ignore exlcusions when you run a check. This setting is on the SmartEdit settings dialog page, shown below.


A further page on the settings dialog allows you to reduce the “5 times” cap down to once or twice.


Regarding searching for a word in the words list, why did you want to do this? If you want to keep an eye on a word or mark it for specific attention, you should add it to the Monitored Words List and look at the results for the “User Defined Monitored Words & Phrases.”




Thanks for the Dummy Guide to the SE settings. I will play with them. Thanks for doing the pix too. I am sure apart from me a few others new to SE will find them helpful too. Maybe they can be added to FAQ or help docs for future users as this thread subsides.

Summing up what residual suggestions remain, would be nice to:

  1. Have CTRL+ArrowUp/Down update central editor without jumping to it (for fast pro users)
    And Return(Enter) jumping to central pane to edit

  2. CTRL+SomeKey shortcut hotkey to go through columns:
    Left Column > Central Editor > Right Column > Left Column

  3. I still think adding adding a generic SearchBox+OK to the SE Right Column would be great and look very cool and FAST and very handy to use for search multi results. Without having to run an all inclusive search and scrolling up down the fiddly long list.

In real life use, many would LOVE to search for a word quickly with multi result hits.

Secondly not just one or a few, maybe several or more words in any one session. And to discard that search history not keep in monitored.

Thirdly without having to go through the run a full check on all or adding them to monitored list.

Fourthly those rituals are multi staged, whereas just typing a word in a searchbox and hitting return takes no time and will be so awesome with multi hit results.

There are more benefits but these should suffice. IT WILL BE VERY COOL and useful.

I think if you tried the above 3 for yourself you will see that you love them yourself.

Thanks again for everything and the guidance too. :slight_smile:


I’ve just released version 3.32 — still a beta — which contains fixes for the bugs that were found so far.

Download Link.

There’s also a new option on the SmartEdit settings dialog to switch off tracking the scene a result belongs to if required. This allows the Document tree to be closed while you browse and work with results — often required if you’re working on a small monitor.


Thanks again for this great program Darren!
New question for the next beta version 3.33:
Is there a way to search for passive voice, maybe using regular expressions like the asterisk for “anything” as in this search: “was *ing” for “was going” or “was feeling”? Then the writer can change them out for more active verbs like “went” or “felt”.
Editors seem crazy to replace passive voice with active voice these days. Although I like my passive voice and refuse to make every sentence exciting and compelling in my writing, I still want to be able to see if I’m overdoing the passive voice thing. What do you think?
I’ve moved “is” and “was” from the Exclusion Lists to the Monitored Words List, but I get too many results and have to go down long lists to find verbs after “is” and “was” to check for passive voice. Any better ideas?
Thanks, Doug


I’ll be looking at passive voice for the next SmartEdit release. It’s something a lot of users have been asking for. The immanent release will only contain the 3.32 functionality.


Darren, I checked the [AS] website this morning and saw that you promote a free Atomic Scribbler. The download link reveals a version 4.0 — What is the difference between the [paid] version of AS (inclusive its Beta 3.32) compared with the free version 4.0?

There is no mentioning of a new [ready to download] version 4.0 here in this forum. So I guess there IS a difference, or am I wrong?