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Atomic Scribbler Version 5 — Monthly targets, graphs and online sharing


Version 5 of Atomic Scribbler was released this morning. It contains a number of small changes that were prompted by feedback over the past couple of months as well as one large new feature relating to word count targets.

Download here.

Full list of changes here.

The big new feature: Monthly Word Count Targets and Online Graphs

I’ve built this new feature in an unusual way, with a focus on sharing rather than on solitary goal tracking. Instead of building an internal feature that only you see I’ve created interaction between the desktop app and the online website, allowing you to view your monthly goal stats online and to share that data online.

Here’s an example, generated from a single click on the Daily Word Count drop down.

You control the content of your graph page from inside Atomic Scribbler — renaming, changing targets, even deleting the page entirely. There’s no link to your page from anywhere unless you post it somewhere (Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc.)

Read more about how it all works in the Knowledge Base.

This feature was built with NaNoWriMo in mind, in time for the mad 50,000 word November hustle. Depending on use and feedback, it’s something that could be expanded on over time, allowing for different types of targets, goal tracking and displays.

NaNoWriMo and other websites contain goal tracking tools, but all of them require manual updating — you type in your word count, with no lying or exaggerating. Atomic Scribbler’s graphs are automated. One click creation and one click updates — no exaggeration allowed.

I’m extremely curious to see how (or even if) it’s used.


Thanks for the new version, Darren. I figured that something might be in the ‘making’. It was way too quite on your side for a while. :slight_smile: Usually that means you’re working on something new. :slight_smile:

I installed v5 already, and start tackling the manual update during the weekend.



Thanks Hans. There’s no rush.


Here’s a thought. Could that diagram that currently displays on a web page, be included as a panel below the daily word counts? Maybe an option for both or one or the other?

I know, never satisfied. :slight_smile:


Just checking - is the page color option gone now?

And, I love the addition of Ctrl Shift V - paste special shortcut! Thanks.


Yes, I removed the page color from the main toolbar. It was originally put in to allow users to simulate a dark themed background, and after the dark theme was added I felt it wasn’t really required. I’m trying too keep the word processing options to the bare minimum of required features.

If it’s something you use often let me know — I might be able to sneak it back into a menu or shortcut.
Internal graphs for the word count targets is something I expected to have to add. The online version won first place as it’s a little more viral and out there. Something that would probably appeal to NaNo writers if not to every writer. But yes, on the list.


I didn’t use page color at all, so not a problem there.


A bit late here but I just saw your note, Darren, about removing the page color. I had an older project with offwhite pages and I’ve been searching through the app high and low trying to remember how I did it :slight_smile: I actually liked this feature to make the pages off white or soem other color to break up all the whiteness of the light theme.