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Atomic Scribbler Version 4 Released — Big, big changes!


Version 4 is now live and available for download. The big addition to version 4 is SmartEdit — the full functionality of the Microsoft Word Add-In has been added to Atomic Scribbler.

Download here.

Existing users will notice the new SmartEdit menu bar when they open the new version. For new users, things are a bit different. You can learn more about SmartEdit by reading the Knowledge Base topics here.

SmartEdit for Atomic Scribbler is being sold as an Add-In for Atomic, just like it is for Microsoft Word. And the core functionality of Atomic — everything but SmartEdit — is now available as a free app.

I’ve expanded on the reasons for these changes on the Atomic Scribbler blog here.

My hope is that these changes will grow the user base of Atomic Scribbler while at the same time keeping the commercial focus on SmartEdit.

Atomic Scribbler with SmartEdit — beta version now available for download

In my opinion, to increase interest in your new program you need to run social profiles eg. Facebook and Twittter. I’m surprised that you did not do it.


Hey Darren,

I agree with the idea to do more advertising! I think it’s a great program; people just need to hear about it. I think PageFour suffered from a lack of general awareness in the writing community. I’ve been writing seriously for awhile now, and the only two creative writing programs I even considered after trying them all were PageFour and Scrivener. Unless I was writing screenplays, they really had no competition. If my writing required tons of research I’d probably have stuck with Scrivener, but since it never has, PageFour was more suited to my needs. Atomic Scribbler seems to be more a middle ground between the two. With SmartEdit added to it, it’s even nicer.

Anyway, although only short stories so far, finally writing seriously with Atomic Scribbler and am really liking it. What I would still love love love are hot keys for show left and show right (in this case not show right and not show left, ha), so I can happily write while staying out of the menus.

I’m even digging the dark theme! Although I still think having the ability to customize our own themes would be even better. (Have a few automatic themes built in, but if the user is motivated enough they can create their own. FocusWriter does that and it’s pretty cool in that sense.)

Great job! And please consider adding those two hot keys. They would help tenfold beyond the work required to add them.