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Atomic Scribbler (SmartEdit Writer) Version 7


Lots of changes to get through today, but I’ll keep it as brief as possible. There are links to blog posts that go into all the changes in more detail at the bottom of this post.

Download Version 7

(Alternate download link if anyone has installation issues)

1. Renaming and rebranding of Atomic Scribbler
Atomic Scribbler has been renamed to “SmartEdit Writer.” When the SmartEdit functionality was added to Atomic Scribbler last year the two products moved closer. This name change and ‘rebranding’ is designed to make that closeness more apparent.

2. SmartEdit Writer (Atomic Scribbler) is now 100% free
All of the functionality of what was Atomic Scribbler as well as its paid-for add-in SmartEdit are now free. SmartEdit Writer is now the only completely free app that encompasses the three stages of writing: Preparation & research, first-draft writing, and editing. The decision to make the app 100% free was made in early March of this year.

SmartEdit for Word and SmartEdit Pro are, and will remain, commercial applications. Expanding their functionality and use is a priority over the coming months.

3. Changes to Version 7 of SmartEdit Writer (Atomic Scribbler)
This latest version contains a number of small, but important, changes and improvements, as well as some new features. This includes:

  • Visible warnings when automatic backups are not configure for the open project
  • Document scenes are now backed up as a single plain text file each time a project is closed, and 20 days of backups are maintained. (This is a second fail-safe backup method in the event of a major problem)
  • Word processor options to handle ellipsis characters differently (Settings dialog)
  • SmartEdit Editor button on the main toolbar for all users
  • Print View button renamed to Page View
  • New “Share” button on the Actions & Tools toolbar
  • Character Name Generator added to the Actions & Tools toolbar (basic for now, but expected to grow)
  • Dialogue and Prose buttons added to the SmartEdit Editor toolbar
  • Merging of old Atomic Scribbler and SmartEdit websites
  • Many, many bug fixes

The post below expand in more detail on a number of these changes. The Atomic Scribbler website will be redirecting to the SmartEdit site in a few days.

Renaming Atomic Scribbler to SmartEdit Writer

SmartEdit Writer now 100% free

SmartEdit Writer Automatic Backups and fail-safe backups


Darren, Thanks for the great old/new tool. I think that rebranding was a great idea.
One quick and urgent info for you …
The newly created download page ( shows now both 'SmartEdit for Word’and ‘SmartEdit Writer’ BUT both download buttons lead to the same download of the Word Add-On (SmartEditForWord_7.1.exe).



Thanks for spotting that Hans. All the testing and I miss something as fundamental as that.


Damn! This is HUGE! A sincere thanks is due you. My evil twin, ‘skippy’ has posted this news on reddit’s r/writing sub.


That’s normal when doing such a major revision. It’s called ‘tunnel vision’. Happens not only to writers but developers as well. :slight_smile:

Send me an email once the Knowledge Base is completely done with the newly rebranded SE Writer (former AS). I’ll tackle the new [PDF] manual once I get a ‘go ahead’ from you. It can be available three days later.


A tiny buglet:

When opening Huckleberry Finn, immediately after downloading SEW, I clicked on the Project Manager, giving it focus. When the Info panel popped up (“This project has been upgraded to SmartEdit Writer version 7”), it popped up behind the manager. This, of course, prevented the SEW app itself from loading until I noticed the hidden dialog box and clicked OK.



On a vaguely related note:

While working in Huck Finn, when I clicked on Project Manager, since the PM was already open, nothing happened. But shouldn’t it be brought to the foreground?


Thanks Hans. It’ll probably be towards the end of the week.

Good catch Allen. Thanks.



This re-imagining of the whole product line is beautiful. Everything makes much more sense, notably making “writer” part of SmartEdit instead of the other way round. Then offering a fully functional SmartEdit Writer for FREE – that’s just fantastic for all the starving writers I’ve been recommending AS to. Most of them, as you know, use Word, so at some point those freebie users will graduate to paying customers.

Also, congratulations on making all the web pages all over again. The look is clean and professional, and (once I remember to forget AS) easy to understand.

One question – I notice that the virtual doc ( Projectname\atomic.scribbler ) is still called “atomic.scribbler”. It would be a headache to change this to “smart.edit” or some such, but I wonder if it’s worth doing. Especially since so many Win users are unfamiliar with the “document as a folder-full of things” concept, and might have various reasons for trying to find the physical document. What I often do – mainly so I can double-click on a doc to open it – is create a link to the atomic.scribbler file, and name the link with the project title.

Which leads me to wonder if it would be helpful or confusing to automatically generate such a link alongside the SmartEditWriter folder. If a user (like myself) isn’t always going through the project manager, it’s so natural to double-click on the title of a project. I’m finding that the more docs I have in SEW, the less I want to wait for the PM to load, etc. Also, perhaps this would enable the PM to display (in Windows) the usual list of recent “arguments” – then one could go straight to a project from the Taskbar app tab.



Thanks Allen.

The atomic.scribbler file will be changed - probably in the next release, and probably to smartedit.writer. At that time it will have to handle old atomic.scribbler files (double clikcing to open) as well as the new name. The same will go for the log files, which still have the old atomic name.

That’s an interesting idea – one I hadn’t considered. I don’t imagine there would be much work involved in that either.


Hi Darren - Thanks for this new version. I’m looking forward to digging into it. I did notice something unusual. The first time I used SmartEdit Editor, it worked fine and it applied to the scene I was using. But when I switched to a different scene and ran the Editor again, it still applied to the first scene. I tried closing all other scenes but the result was the same.

This could be a user error. Maybe I’m missing something. Either way, I figured you’d want to know.

Thanks again!



The default setting is for the Editor to run against your entire document – all scenes. That may be why the results are the same To only run against the current open scene, select “Check Scene” on the extreme left of the toolbar.


Wow, I wasn’t expecting this :dizzy_face:
I hope it doesn’t mean A.S./SmartEdit Writer will be neglected in favor of the other two products which you will make money with? It seems making it totally free would destroy the financial motivation for keeping it updated.


No, no, that’s not likely to happen. Atomic / Writer is too much of a passion project of mine to let slide. Also, the SmartEdit elements of all the apps use common code, so any changes to SmartEdit for Word are automatically picked up in the next build of SmartEdit Writer.


SmartEdit Writer works as a name for the word processor portion, but I have to admit SmartEdit Editor seems a bit confusing to me. I tend to equate “editor” with a text or code editor. Would something like SmartEdit Checker make more sense, since you’re already using the terminology “checks” for the tests SmartEdit runs. Or just leaving it at SmartEdit seems less confusing.

Just my 2 cents worth, great program either way, of course. :+1:


You might be right Vicki. Leaving it at SmartEdit might be clearer. I’ll have to think about it a bit more.