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Atomic Scribbler on Crossover?


Crossover is an app that allows Windows programs to run on Chromebooks.

My laptop is nearing its own personal end of life, and the prices for a Chromebook are VERY attractive. Has anyone tried to run Atomic Scribbler through Crossover on the Chrome OS? I’d be interested in hearing about it.


I may be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a Windows or iOS emulator for Chromebooks or Chrome OS.


No, Crossover exists,

CrossOver - Codeweavers

I read “somewhere” that technically, it isn’t an ‘Emulator’. The details made my eyes glaze over as I recall. I take the position that if it “walks like a duck . . .”


Wow, I stand corrected. While it isn’t an emulator, since that term generally refers to emulating an entire OS so that applications don’t know they’re on an alien platform, it’s still an impressive job of emulation. Since they’re not faking the OS, there will be lots of subtle technical details that won’t work with certain apps, especially those which seriously exploit the hardware, or which make “end-runs” around the OS to achieve good performance. One reason it runs with Steam apps is that Steam itself was designed from the beginning to be cross-platform, so it’s already handling those tech details itself – for Steam-powered games.

One caveat would be that since Chromebooks often are very light on hardware resources (cpu speed, RAM, storage), probably the heavyweight apps like Photoshop won’t be very satisfying, if they can run at all. But for a program designed to be slim and quick, like AS, it could be an easy fit. That would be great for writers, since Chromebooks with very nice displays and keyboards are getting quite inexpensive.

The primary caveat, from what they said on their site, would be to make sure the Chromebook uses an Intel cpu. And of course, to confirm that AS does run on it, now or when the Chrome version of CrossOver is out of beta testing.

This is a great find. Thanks for posting.



Crossover Office is a port of Wine that was originally created because Wine didn’t have that great of support for MS Office at the time.

That has since changed (likely because a certain large corporation took interest in Wine for just long enough to get their own software working in it).

However, the code for Crossover Office has been ported more places than Wine has. :slight_smile:


I myself might give the app a try under Linux soon (using Wine), and if I do and it works and I haven’t forgotten this post, I will provide feedback. :slight_smile:


Crossover Office? Is that the same as Crossover for Chrome? Also please forgive my ignorance, but how would a successful run in Wine and a 3rd party Linux distribution give us any indication of Atomic Scribbler’s suitability for CrossOver for Chrome?


I am pretty sure that they started as the same project.

Wine has always been open source. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t mean they look anything alike now of course. :slight_smile: I will have to look at it later. I don’t currently have anything running Chrome OS though. :slight_smile:

O.o Looks like Atomic Scribbler relies heavily on some windows related tech (.NET), so like, I am not having luck on Linux so far. I will play with it later. ^^