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Atomic Scribbler, How do I enable Word-Wrap?


I’ve searched for “word-wrap” and found no references. In the software’s various locations, word-wrap doesn’t appear as I would expect.

Writing notes for a project on a small display screen hides earlier or later sentence areas. Trying to edit with a lot of scrolling is marginal at best when the entire sentence, and then the paragraph is mostly hidden.

How does a user find and enable Word-Wrap?


Word wrap is on by default. Where are you seeing the problem? in scenes or in the notes section on the right?

If the issue is with scenes, it may be that your window is too small for the document, in which case go to the Actions & Tools toolbar and switch from “Print Layout” to “Simple View.” In print layout mode, the page width is fixed and you’ll see a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page if the width is too narrow to accomodate it.


After seeing your response, I made the screen display larger and found it will wrap, but it is doing it based upon a fixed width, instead of using the Scribbler’s screen display area. When working with a small screen, and needing to have more than one application open at a time, the scribbler’s screen area needs to be small so it can be the repository of the observation notes. However, when the lines don’t appear to wrap within the displayed screen area, their context is lost.

If this screen wrapping process could be changed so that the margins were smaller and the word-wrapping would be based upon the screen area display, the process would work when other screens need to be viewed at the same time.

Thank you for responding so quickly.


Roger, have you tried switching to Simple View?

Print View, which is the default, is like a Word document – it’s a printed page. If you want a smaller, more fluid page style you need to switch away from the printed page view and go to Simple View.


I found the Simple-View and it solves most of the issue. Is there a way to reduce the margins?

Thanks again for the ideas,


Not at this time. The margins are fixed.


I pointed it out as well.
It would be highly desirable to be able to change the margins!