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Any way to insert page breaks?


I’m wondering if there is any way to insert page breaks into a document? If I export to a single document, there are no page breaks at the start of new chapter headings. If I’m writing a tech document, I like to have chapters start on new pages. I can do this in word, but it doubles my work.


Mike Murphy


Not in the current version. The export process at the moment is very basic, simply merging each scene in order into a single Word document.

This is one of the areas that I’ll be expanding on. Optional page breaks after each chapter, tags to exclude scenes from the export and such.


Although this isn’t something that you can do within Atomic Scribbler, there is a workaround. Within Word, right-click on your Chapter heading style and select Format (bottom left), then paragraph and then the ‘Line and Page break’ tab. Put a tick in the ‘Page break before’ box.
Also, from that Format option select Font and adjust the size, colour, and typeface.
When you are working through your document, find each chapter heading, double click on it and select the Chapter heading style. Not only will you now see your chapter heading as you want it, but doeing this will automatically pop in a page break beforehand.

Job done!


Thanks for the replies. I’ll check out John’s suggestion in Word.

Mike M.